Do you ever find yourself frustrated or unhappy because things aren’t going as planned? Many of us strive to tackle challenges independently—solving problems, helping others, and chasing our dreams. Yet, perhaps there’s a voice within, a higher power, saying, “I want to assist you, but you need to allow me in.” It’s about depending on this source, placing trust in it, and witnessing the positive changes it can bring.

I wish for every blessing intended for you to manifest! Let every delayed blessing come forth now, in the name of Jesus. There’s a Hausa song titled “Karfina,” which translates to “My Strength.” It serves as a poignant reminder that God hasn’t forgotten about you. While His timing might differ from yours, stay optimistic and trust that everything is aligning for your good. By 2024, you’re expected to have a testimony. Take a moment to listen and be inspired.