Prolific Nigerian rap artist Phype released “Vantage Point” MP3 download Available for Download


Within the captivating song “Vantage Point,” Phype masterfully weaves an intricate tapestry that unravels his profound spiritual journey. Through his meticulous storytelling and artistic finesse, Phype creates a song that resonates deeply, inspiring listeners to embrace transformation, seek authenticity, and continually rely on God’s boundless grace, allowing listeners to delve into the depths of his experiences and revelations. Let’s embark on a more detailed exploration of the song, unravelling its layers and uncovering the rich nuances within each verse.

Phype initiates the song by courageously breaking free from the restrictive boundaries that had ensnared him. He candidly discloses that his liberation emerged through an intimate connection with God, necessitating a period of laying low and submitting to the transformative process. This vulnerability sets the stage for a raw and authentic exploration of his spiritual growth. Phype’s inclusion of the phrase “trust the process” showcases his recognition of the importance of surrendering to the divine plan, even when it seems challenging or uncomfortable.

At the core of the song lies the chorus, an emotional and profound declaration of the role of God’s grace in Phype’s life. The metaphorical imagery of a linking cord between Phype and Jesus Christ metaphorically portrays the depth of their connection. By cleverly referencing the professional networking platform “LinkedIn,” Phype evokes a sense of modern relevance, emphasizing the significance of a deep, encompassing bond with God that extends to every aspect of his being. This connection fills him with awe, as he acknowledges the vast difference between his love for God and the unwavering faithfulness he receives in return.

In the second verse, Phype delves even deeper into his spiritual transformation, shining a light on the paradigm shift he has undergone. He reveals his commitment to viewing the world through the lens of Christ, embracing a new perspective that guides his thoughts and actions. Phype’s longing to embody the divine blueprint God has laid out for him echoes a profound desire for authenticity and purpose. The acknowledgement of his imperfections and struggles showcases a sincere vulnerability, allowing listeners to relate to the complexities of their own faith journeys.

The internal battle between the spirit and the flesh emerges as a pivotal theme. Phype adeptly employs imagery from the popular video game “Mortal Kombat” to convey the intensity of this struggle. The references to “Decepticons like Megatron” juxtaposed with the resilience of “Bumble B” evoke the arduous nature of this spiritual combat. Despite the challenges, Phype draws strength from God’s grace, his sole anchor amidst the turmoil. Through this intricate interplay of pop culture allusions and spiritual introspection, Phype engages the listener on a profound level.

The outro serves as a poignant conclusion, punctuating the overarching message of the song. Phype offers a thought-provoking reminder, drawing inspiration from the biblical verse that cautions against complacency. This closing remark emphasizes the significance of remaining humble and attentive, understanding that spiritual growth requires constant vigilance and self-reflection. It prompts both Phype and the listeners to maintain an unwavering commitment to their faith, guarding against the pitfalls of stagnation.

In conclusion,”Vantage Point” intricately unveils the multifaceted layers of Phype’s spiritual sojourn. From his courageous break free from limitations to the profound connection with God’s grace depicted in the chorus, and the inner struggles portrayed in the second verse, Phype invites listeners to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of his spiritual growth. This detailed exploration encourages introspection and prompts listeners to reflect on their own spiritual journeys.




Title: Vantage Point. Artist: Phype


You all that I depend on for lie and my sustenance, You already know I’m all yours


1st Verse

I broke out of the circle I’ve been kept, God be dealing with me and for so long had to lay low, didn’t like it but had to do it that’s all part of the process (trust the process). Am I faithfully giving my all? Night and day in the secret place, will I pass the test of the Christian faith, I’m reaching out for a true pearl. I say night and day in the secret place kabashing (praying) the way to my destiny, the best of me is hidden in Christ. I’m in a search now; with the Holy Ghost, so it’s coast to coast like a go-getter I ain’t slacking no matter the pressure I’m under. I’m getting the feeling I’m closer, I plug up my faith to my anchor, I bury my life in Him and well you know that; I’m part of the body, the body of YESHUA, giving my quota to better advance the kingdom, pedal to the medal gotta keep up the pace, this race cannot win it not without His grace.



Your grace is the linking cord, I’mma link to your son like it’s LinkedIn boy, you know, I’m wrapped up in your grace and your love, I never loved you like you did yet you faithful to me.


2nd Verse

Oh my, my mind.I’ve been exposed to a paradigm, I view a lot with a new lens, taking my stand from a new view, no more rear view just clear views, it could be blurry though sometimes but I’m hoping to God it gets better for good, I cannot live in a shadow of doubt. Painfully I got a mind shift, my paradigm got illuminated I could relate whatever perspective I mask out with the mind of Christ I let in. That’s a version of me men I’m growing to be, wanna be the man in the blueprint of God, people of God who be faithful to God till I’m gone. Yeah, I be failing in the process, but project, I be ending in a good note ‘’well done, good and faithful boy’’ Lord your grace suffice. I’m I right or wrong? Pray tell, clear tale (yeah). get it together the better days are coming yeah. Better the will of the Father no matter the cost it’d cost you, ofcourse it’d cost, let the Apostle let Him comport you. I’m positive where I’m headed but this flesh men got me tripping coause the things I don’t wanna do, I do. The things I don’t wanna say, I say. The place I don’t waana go, I go. And I battle like you battle in mortal kombat, spirit and body in total conflict. Got me living in perplexity (arghhh) men what a boomerang but I bounce right back by your grace alone. I buckle on that grip alone, I brag a lot I won’t fall no more. Decepticons like megatron won’t humble you like bumble b (word!)

So if you think you stand, take heed lest you fall



Your grace is the linking cord for my soul…Your grace is the linking cord for my soul


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