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Song Title: 'Na God'
Artist Name: Ebony Jonez
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Ebony Jonez, the Germany-based Nigerian artiste, also known as Ebenezer Onu Jonathan, proudly unveils his latest musical creation, ‘Na God,’ a heartfelt ode to his gratitude towards the divine. This single, a mesmerizing fusion of Christian trap and hip-hop, showcases Ebony Jonez’s remarkable musical talent and his profound spiritual connection.
Hailing from the vibrant cultural backdrop of the Igala people and with roots tracing back to Benue State, raised in Abuja, and hailing from Kogi State, Nigeria, Ebony Jonez brings forth ‘Na God’ as a testament to his journey.
In Ebony Jonez’s own words, he explains the inspiration behind this soulful creation: ” ‘Na God’ was inspired by my gratitude to God for every accomplishment so far. I remember being a kid and looking at planes fly over my backyard, dreaming to one day fly in one. Now I’ve flown more times than I can count. I have the ability to travel to countries I once dreamt of without worrying about visas. I am blessed with a beautiful family and I’m an entrepreneur in a foreign land. All I can say is ‘Na God’.”
Produced by Emmanuel Jonathan better known as Emmyzyz, Ebony Jonez younger brother, ‘Na God’ is a harmonious melody that Ebony Jonez believes will inspire people from diverse backgrounds. He states, “I hope this song will inspire people from all backgrounds, both Christians and non-Christians, that God can do all things. I also hope it makes them dance like crazy in appreciation to God for everything they already have.”
When questioned about the creation process, Ebony Jonez reveals, “It took about a week to write it. First, I got the chorus, then I had to compose the verses. I just love the simplicity of the chorus.”
Ebony Jonez draws profound inspiration from his upbringing in a deeply spiritual household, where his father serves as a pastor and his mother as a gospel singer. Today, he stands as an ordained Minister and Worship leader, with his music acting as a conduit for spiritual expression and connection.
‘Na God’ is more than just a song; it is a heartfelt expression of gratitude and an anthem of inspiration for people from all walks of life. Ebony Jonez invites you to join him on this spiritual and musical journey, celebrating the boundless blessings of ‘Na God.’
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