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Song Title: The Great Commission
Artist Name: Dunsin Oyekan
Album: The Great Commission
Category: Albums, Dunsin Oyekan, Music

“The Great Commission” by Dunsin Oyekan is like a spiritual journey wrapped up in music. You know how some albums just hit you differently? Well, this one does exactly that. It’s not just about listening; it’s about feeling and connecting with something deeper.

Every song in this album is like a piece of a puzzle, fitting together to paint a picture of what it means to live out the Great Commission. From the moment you hit play, you can feel the passion and dedication Oyekan pours into his music. It’s like he’s on a mission to awaken something inside you, to remind you of the call to share God’s love with the world.




01. Dunsin Oyekan – Worthy Of My Praise
02. Dunsin Oyekan – Sing Over Me
03. Dunsin Oyekan – Kadosh
04. Dunsin Oyekan – More Than Anything
05. Dunsin Oyekan – Emperor Of The Universe
06. Dunsin Oyekan – Yeshua
07. Dunsin Oyekan – Upper Room Anthem
08. Oyinloluwa – Glory O’Clock Ft. Dunsin Oyekan
09. Dunsin Oyekan – City Of God
10. Dunsin Oyekan – No Me Without You
11. Theophilus Sunday & Dunsin Oyekan – Ogo OGO Hallelujah
12. Dunsin Oyekan – The Worshipper’S Song
13. Dunsin Oyekan – Undignified (Excuse Me)
14. Dunsin Oyekan – The Future Ft. Naomi Raine

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