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Kingsley Ameh, also known as Minstrel K.I, is a highly acclaimed singer from Nigeria. He is a versatile artist, renowned for his exceptional talents as a singer, praise/worship leader, songwriter, music producer/director, and psalmist/composer. Some of his notable singles include “You are Holy,” “In Your Name,” “I Am That I Am,” and “Yabo” (sung in Nigerian Hausa Language).


In addition to these singles, he introduced his debut album, “The Sound,” to the world in May 2020, followed by his debut EP, “Love Series,” in August of the same year.


K.I embarked on his musical journey back in 2006 when he joined his church choir. Over the years, he honed his musical skills and officially launched his music career in 2010. His passion for making a positive impact on the world through his music and message is deeply rooted in his profound love and relationship with Jesus Christ.


In recent times, K.I has been touring various parts of the world, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing performances. He has collaborated with the internationally renowned gospel artist Sinach, serving as her music producer and lead soprano backup singer. Together with Sinach, he has produced and lent his vocal talents to songs like “I Fly” and “Great God.”


K.I, whose birthdate is February 23, is known for his independent artist status and his role as a producer. His musical endeavours primarily fall within the genre of contemporary Christian music. He skillfully utilizes his vocal, drum, and keyboard talents to create inspirational and soul-stirring music.


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